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Repair of leak in the kitchen sink

Even a small leak in the kitchen sink can cause significant damage if not fixed. By following a few steps, you can be ready on repairing a leak and prevent damage to your home.


The first sign of a leak is often just a pool of water or water-damaged cabinets or floors, so it’s important to investigate where the leak is coming from. First, place an empty, dry bucket under the sink where you suspect the kitchen sink leak is coming from. Plug the drain and turn on the faucet until the sink is filled with about 2.5 cm of water. Let the water stand and check to see if there is any leakage from under the sink. Then pull the plug and let the water drain while you continue to watch the pipes under the sink. Therefore, use a clean, dry rag or paper towel to gradually dab each section of pipe and under the sink to find the location of the leak. If you have a sink sprayer, check the sink while it is in use.


A simple loose nut or fastener can often cause a kitchen sink leak. If this is the reason for the leak, tighten the section in question with the proper tool. The main drain pipe extending from the kitchen sink is usually an “S” or “U” shaped component consisting of joints that can be tightened by hand; improve your grip by wearing rubber gloves during this process. Tighten the union nuts on the water lines with a wrench if necessary.


If the leak occurs in the kitchen sink below the trap but there doesn’t seem to be an obvious cause, the problem may be with the washer or gasket inside. If a gasket has become loose or worn, it can no longer do its job and will allow water to pass through. Worn washers used as part of faucets also let water through and need to be replaced. Loosen the caps and remove the washers and gaskets before replacing them; take them to the hardware store if necessary to make sure you get the right size replacements.


If the kitchen sink leak is caused by a burst or otherwise damaged pipe, it may be easier to replace it than to repair it. Loosen the fasteners on both ends of the damaged section and take it to the hardware store to get a replacement. A leak can occur because water backs up due to a blockage, so make sure the drain stays clean to prevent this.

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